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Welcome to my website,
          I have been around bird breeding from the time I was a little girl with my dad. I started breeding on my own in 1996 as a hobby with cockatiels. In January 2010 I went in to breeding full time.

          Nutrition is very important to me for my birds. I try to introduce them to as much food as possible, so you will have healthy eaters. Later you will not have to convert them to good foods. I wean my hand feed babies on Volkmans high quality seed, greens, mixed vegetables, broccoli, Missy’s Bird Mush (recipe on info page), Roudy Bush, Zupreem pellets, Volkmans egg food, spray millet and a variety of fruits. I highly recommend you continue to feed them a wide verity of natural foods (Food Pyramid for Parrots). A pellet only diet has been proven to have a negative effect on some birds.

          I love my birds very much and will try to help you with the transition to their new home. You need to remember it is a stressful time for your new bird going to a new environment. (Some birds will even become stressed when moving their cage to the other side of a room.) I will do everything I can to help you with questions and with picking the right bird for you and your family. I do ask you to be patient, please remember I am feeding my breeding birds, cleaning many cages, plus hand feeding many babies. If you could, research what you are looking for in a bird, or a certain color or mutation. Research any questions you may have, it would be helpful with my time constraints. Here is an excellent place to start avianweb.com. I am happy to offer my experience and advice. When doing research remember anyone can post information look for more than one person on one site to say the same thing. (This is how I learn more about bird genetics / color mutations)

Thank you for visiting my website. The well being and happiness of my birds means the world to me. 
  Mary (Missy)

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