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Here are some of our past babies
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We breed -
Cockatiels - 
Normal, Pied, Pearl, Pastel, Cinnamon, White face, Albino, Lutino, Emerald/Olive, Yellow Cheek, Pastel Face

American Budgies "parakeets" - Including - Albino, Lutino

English Budgies

Bourke -
Rosey, Cream, Normal

Lineolated Parakeet -
Green, Olive, Dilute, Cobalt, Creamino

Indian Ringneck -
Green, Blue, Grey, Lutino

Parrotlet -
Green, Blue, Blue Pied, Lutino, American Yellow, Pastel Blue, Blue Dilute (American White), Turquoise Dilute, Turquoise pied, Albino

Green Cheek Conure -  Normal, Pineapple, Cinnamon, Yellow Sided, Turquoise, Turquoise Cinnamon, Turquoise Yellow Sided, Turquoise Pineapple.

Love Birds
Peach Face-
Creamino, Creamino Pied,  Australian Cinnamon, White Face, Sea Green Opaline
Black Mask-
Blue, Green, Royal Blue, Violet, Charcoal

Splendid or Scarlett Chested Parakeet (Splendida)

Turquoisine Parakeet

Maroon-bellied Conure

Canary Winged Parakeet (White Wing)

Peach Front Conure
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